male box

Welcome to the Male Box! This page was designed specifically for men.

Ladies: Please don’t judge me based upon what you see here.  This is what boys like, this is what they want.

Gentleman:  Take your shoes off and get comfortable. This is your home, your castle.  Here, you should feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and concerns without holding back, and without any reservations about what women will think about those thoughts or concerns.  Peruse articles written with you in mind and photos of the women who are on your mind.

Please feel free to post comments, questions or issues you’d like to discuss. I will also accept submissions emailed to


Why I Want To Marry A Raiders Fan

What Women Want


Are Men to Blame for High Divorce Rates?

Why Men Should Hit on Women at Church

Are Men Less Concerned About STDs?

Is a Good Woman Really That Hard to Find?

Do You Want a Beyonce or a Michelle?

How the Friend Zone Can be a Step Towards the End Zone

Monogamy is not natural

A Few Good Men

Never Married

Street Etiquette: Fashion and the Heterosexual Male

Girls on Girls: Round 2

She’s Just Not That Into You

The Illusive “male code”

Real Men Lead

Girls on Girls

Male Fashion Flops

Grant Hill Schools Jalen Rose

Cars That Inspire…

Links of Interest:

His Guide to Shopping for Her

Nude York City


What Do Men Want…?

© 2010 Miriam Brown



2 thoughts on “male box

  1. Nice section! I’ll definitely be revisiting soon. Time for that real @$$ convo! Love it and thx for thinking about the fellas.

    Posted by Isom Kuade | August 11, 2012, 7:41 PM

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