off the cuff

When 30 wants to think about something else…

Why I Want To Marry A Raiders Fan

What His Job Says About Him

Travel Pet Peeves

Christianity and the Black Church

Are College Rankings Relevant?

My Issues with Fighting the Gay Fight

The YOLO Generation

Married with Friends

SBF Seeks Long Term Living Arrangement

Embarrassment Parenting is the New Time Out

Sparing the Rod: Lessons From Our Fathers

When Aliens Attack

The Depression Diet

Lessons I Learned From “Boomerang”

A Hostile Takeover

Why Blacks are Losing in Film and Television

A Few Good Men

Never Married

Playing the Race Card

Men are from Venus, Women are from Venus

Don’t hate me because I can eat donuts

Sweat It Out Syndrome (SOS)

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Today, 30 thought:

Basketball is like that fine chick that's exciting but she's ALWAYS around. You get bored quickly. Football is that chick that gives you just enough, but keeps you wanting more...

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