relationship rhetoric

30thinks about love, marriage, men, women, children, commitment, dating and relationships, infidelity, sex, getting played, co-habitation, living single, compatibility, interracial dating, golddiggers…

Dating 101: Live Broadcast

Giving Boyfriends Husband Benefits

The Side Piece Baby Boom

Why I Want To Marry A Raiders Fan

How To Handle A Breakup During the Holidays

Why Love Isn’t the Ultimate Requirement for Marriage

Warning To All Married People

What His Job Says About Him

What Women Want

I’m Forever Single…I Live in L.A.

Teams Aren’t Just For Men Anymore

Married with Friends

30’s Dating and Romantic Inquiries Application

Are Men to Blame for High Divorce Rates?

Answers to Your Common Dating Questions

Why Men Should Hit on Women at Church

Be With the One You Love…

Is a Good Woman Really That Hard to Find?

Do You Want a Beyonce or a Michelle?

Signs He May Be Gay

What Is A Date?

How the Friend Zone Can be a Step Towards the End Zone

Lessons I Learned From “Boomerang”

Monogamy is not natural

Never Married

Menoirs: A page from my Dating Diary

Big Love, Big Pain

She’s Just Not That Into You

Dateable or Mateable?

Money Can Buy You Love?

The BEST men reside in…

Love lockdown: The cons of online dating

Shallow Gal

Unconventional ways to get over your Ex

Relationship Red Flags [Revised]

Fiance Formula

Nice Guys DO NOT Finish Last


Why You’re Not Married: The Truth Hurts

Always a Baby’s Mama, Never a Bride

Still Hilarious…

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