For my visual learners…

30thoughts: Episode 3 Nice Guys DO NOT Finish Last

Courtney talks about wanting a man with a little “edge,” while Miriam insists most women would prefer a nice guy versus a jerk.

30thoughts: Episode 2 Girls on Girls

Hosts Miriam Brown and Courtney Black discuss their girl crushes.

30thoughts: Episode 1 Jack of All Trades

I am so excited to present to you, the first of many episodes of 30thoughts with your hosts Miriam Brown and comedian, Courtney Black.  Special thanks to Celebrity photographer and director, Kawai Matthews at Air Philosophy Studios.

Documentary: Dark Girls

This is not a “preference,” we’ve been programmed to think this way.

Stay tuned for the video blog…

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Basketball is like that fine chick that's exciting but she's ALWAYS around. You get bored quickly. Football is that chick that gives you just enough, but keeps you wanting more...

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